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OAKWOOD 2021-2023

Oakwood has been shut down due to an inefficient player base and server revenue.


About Us

The OAKWOOD is a Minecraft Cross-Platfrom server created in 2021, initially only as a survival server, but today players can enjoy playing a variety of our game modes that we are constantly updating and adding. Our goal is to create a place where people will socialize and have fun, and our task is to provide the best experience and ensure that the players are never bored. Thus, you can participate in various events and competitions on our server, where you can win valuable prizes.  


- Survival 

- Bedwars
- KitPVP
- Parkour
- Arcade
Arcade Game: TNTRUN, TheBridge, BattlegroundPVP, MurderMystery, BlockParty and more

Java Edition:
IP - play.oakwoodmc.gq
Supported - 1.8 to 1.19.4

Bedrock Edition:
IP - oakwoodmc.gq
Port - 27018
Supported - 1.19.40 to 1.19.81 (Latest)

If you have any questions regarding the new support for Bedrock Edition then please ask us on the Discord or in the forms support.

OAKWOOD has its own maps and Games which makes our server games and maps unique and more interesting to play
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