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Arcade Games Update
Started by Shravan012


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07 Feb 2022
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26 May 2023

Village Defence

Added new Gamemode to the Arcade server (Minigames X Arcade)
Village Defence

Village Defence or "Village Defense" is a OAKWOOD Arcade server gamemode in which players have to protect the village and the villagers from the zombies through each waves. Groups of Zombies will be spawned after each waves players can upgrade their gear by right clicking the villagers and purchase stuff from it using orbs (Orbs is the money placeholder for village defence from which you can buy stuff from the villager shop to get orbs you have to kill zombies) Increase your hearts by using the magic well located secretly in each map of Village defence Throw rotten flesh in that well to get extra Hearts. There are total of 99 Waves (but believe me I don't think players can made it to that far but If you can You are the actual pro player be sure to share with us if you did) There are also powerups which zombies can randomly drop some of the powerups are:
- One Shot one Kill (Kill zombies in one shot)
- Heal Powerup (Heals all players)
- CleanUp (Kills all zombie of the specific wave)
Much more power are going to be added soon or later!

Thank you for reading
If you have any questions feel free to ask us on our discord support channel

Shravan012 · about 1 month ago · Last edited: about 1 month ago