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OAKWOOD 2021-2023

Oakwood has been shut down due to an inefficient player base and server revenue.




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✩ Survival Features ✩


・Skin Restore 

Change your skin in our server if you are using Tlauncher or any cracked client using this will show your current equipped skin to every player on our server

Type /skins to open skins menu or /skin set <skin url=""> </skin>


・Gadgets Menu

Get some cool gadgets like hats, clocks, pets, particle effects and more!

You can access Gadgets by the command - "/gmenu main"


・Mystery Dust

Mystery Dust is an economic system for gadgets you can use it to purchase gadgets from the /gmenu main command or create mystery boxes from it check your dust in the /gmenu main gui or use /dust check


・Signs Lock

Signs can be used to lock any functional blocks in-game like chest, doors, anvil etc use this if you don't wanna claim the whole land just place a sign on the block to protect it from other players


・ Kits

Kits can be obtained by using command /kits for Default players have access to the starter kit and for Elite they have access to Start & Elite Kits



Get cool and free stuff from our crates at /warp crates we currently have the vote and lucky crate for the vote crate you will need a vote key to get it /vote in-game or vote here voting for a lucky crate you will need $5000 in-game credit to open it you can leave click on the crates to preview its items


・Shop Menu

You can purchase or sell items from the shop menu and access the shop with the command /shop or /warp market you can also see player transactions on our discord server


・Auction House

An auction house is a public shop where players buy and sell stuff at their own price. To sell any item hold it and type /ah sell <amount> then a confirm gui will open click on the confirm button to list it Players will be notified bot in-game and on discord</amount>