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OAKWOOD 2021-2023

Oakwood has been shut down due to an inefficient player base and server revenue.

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6 months ago
Minecraft 1.20 | Trails & Tales

Minecraft 1.20 OAKWOOD now supports 1.20 Trails & Tales Update

7 months ago
How to join from Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

OAKWOOD is now supported on both Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock Edition
In this Post Im going to show you how to join OAKWOOD from Bedrock Edition, Carefully follow each steps shown below Join our discord for any support or help.


Launch Minecraft and Press the 'Play' button


After clicking on play a new tab menu will open
Click on the "Servers" tab


After Clicking on the servers tab a new tab will open with 7 Featured servers you have to scroll down to bottom of the page and then click on "Add Server"

NOTE: Add server button maybe located at different locations in different devices this image is show from the PC version of Minecraft Bedrock. for android this might be at top of the tablist


After Clicking on the Add server button a new tab will open having the options to write the server name, IP Address and port

OAKWOOD (You can write anything you want It doesn't matter)
Server Address:

Then Click on save


After clicking on save OAKWOOD server will now appear at the bottom or top (depending on your device) of your servers page
Click on the saved server OAKWOOD 


After clicking on the OAKWOOD server you will see a new button in the right side of the menu "Join Server" click on that button and you have join our server!

If you are having any problems then please contact our support team on discord or website.
The images are from Minecraft Bedrock Edition for Windows 10/11

7 months ago
OAKWOOD Cross-Platform support

OAKWOOD is now supported on both Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock Edition players can join Oakwood from any device including Windows, Mac, Android, Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Java Edition Info:
IP: play.oakwoodmc.gq
IP2: oakwoodmc.gq
Port: To join Java edition it doesn't require you to add a port!
Supported Versions: 1.8 to 1.19.4 and upcoming versions

Bedrock Edition Info:
IP: oakwoodmc.gq
Port: 27018
Supported Versions: 1.19.40 to 1.19.81 and upcoming versions

If you have any questions regarding this update feel free to ask us in the support channel of our discord or on the website!
Thank you for reading

7 months ago
Arcade Games Update

Village Defence

- Added new map "Valleys"
- Waves are now Infinite Previously It was limited to 99 waves
- Invisible zombies will now only spawn during the month of Halloween


- Added new map "SnowDynesty"
- Fixed: PVP in the map galmorton works

7 months ago
Arcade Games Update

Village Defence

Added new Gamemode to the Arcade server (Minigames X Arcade)
Village Defence

Village Defence or "Village Defense" is a OAKWOOD Arcade server gamemode in which players have to protect the village and the villagers from the zombies through each waves. Groups of Zombies will be spawned after each waves players can upgrade their gear by right clicking the villagers and purchase stuff from it using orbs (Orbs is the money placeholder for village defence from which you can buy stuff from the villager shop to get orbs you have to kill zombies) Increase your hearts by using the magic well located secretly in each map of Village defence Throw rotten flesh in that well to get extra Hearts. There are total of 99 Waves (but believe me I don't think players can made it to that far but If you can You are the actual pro player be sure to share with us if you did) There are also powerups which zombies can randomly drop some of the powerups are:
- One Shot one Kill (Kill zombies in one shot)
- Heal Powerup (Heals all players)
- CleanUp (Kills all zombie of the specific wave)
Much more power are going to be added soon or later!

Thank you for reading
If you have any questions feel free to ask us on our discord support channel